<![CDATA[EXPERT LOGISOFT SERVICES - Dev]]>Mon, 13 May 2024 01:15:16 -0400Weebly<![CDATA[SEAGATE NAS BLACKARMOR 440 power problem?]]>Fri, 31 Mar 2023 01:15:54 GMThttp://expertlogisoft.com/dev/seagate-nas-blackarmor-440-power-problemOften freezes and one day does not turn on again or turns off immediately after, what to do?

My NAS freezes from time to time, then increasingly often. Until the day when one of them died on its own. I press the "ON" button then I see the lights come on and hear it come on but go out immediately.
 I do several times, I leave it unplugged completely, I turn it back on, but turns off after a few seconds.
So, I try without the hard drives, it turns on and stays on.
 So, I put 1 hard drive back in and it also turned on. Test with a second disc, also lights up. On the third disc it turned off after 2 seconds. So, I concluded that after 12 years (bought in 2009) the PSU has seen enough ;)

Not sure if this fixes your problems there are too many possibilities to be sure but after 10-12 years these are things that can happen and like my BlackArmor turned on removing two discs drives (which I unplugged immediately afterwards) I realized that it was maybe a power supply problem.
To keep my 12TB (4x3TB) and my 16TB (4x4TB), it was not too expensive to try it.
So, you must find the right model and replace it, I have two identical NAS, so I bought 2 AC DC power cord, and everything has been working perfectly since.

It is essential to look for a power supply with the same voltage and amperage details as the original as well as the socket which must be identical. I did a search with the following phrase "AC DC BlackArmor 440" and found it easily.

But I don't guarantee at any time that this is the problem you're having, but it's a possibility worth checking by doing some basic tests to determine if the expense is worth the effort :)

Seagate BlackArmor 440 using RAID 5
Model 1 : HD232 ASSY HOUSING - STAR401
Model 2: ST320005SHA10G-RK
(They are identical even if the model's name differs.)
P/N: 60.61U07.003